nick venedi

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Disturbance in Athens

Dozens of youths carrying sledgehammers and iron bars have smashed cars, banks and storefronts in an upscale district of central Athens (Kolonaki) in the latest outbreak of violence in the capital City. This follows a month of violence and rioting following the shooting of a youth by the police in January. The eruption of violence was seen as an expression of anger by the Young in Greece who are fetup with the current Conservative administration and the pathetic policies they are carrying.

But the violence and looting have been condemned by those on the responsible left and the Trade Unions. The best way to deal with grievances is at the ballot box and the sooner the conservative government of Karamalis is removed the better for Greece!


  1. Young people have taken to the streets of Athens because of the failure of the Karamalis Papandreou politics (not that different) PASOK is as bad as ND not much of a choice.

  2. I have known Nick for many years and although he has been a supporter of PASOK (its is well known)he has always been critical of policies that move the party towards the right. And his pro Simitis position as we all know now was right. Get it right!

    A Arvanitaki