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Monday, 9 March 2009

More changes in HR?

Those of us who have been around long enough ( that includes myself) would have seen the centralisation of HR back in the early 90s followed by the decentralisation around 1997 which was then followed by the centralisation in 2002 which is now going to be followed by yet another decentralisation which I think should be called 'moving around in cirlces' version 2009 (something like the new versions of Microsoft windows) only this new decentralisation is partly devolving the day to day functions or in other words it is giving powerful Executive Directors more control over what decisions are made in their own back yard.

But would this work? Well all I can say is that an organisation that constantly needs to go around in circles cannot be very healthy? Corporate standards and policy need to be adhered to and policed by some central authority as Lambeth Council has a legal obligation to act consistently and ensure that there are no major deviations either in how policy and procedure are interpreted or indeed applied. But Lambeth Council has had a major problem coming to terms with educating Directors and getting them to understand and appreciate the need to apply consistency. A powerful central HR function will therefore, as is the case right now, be resisted and be brought down. I just hope that those who work in the area do not get more demoralised and start leaving by joining other organisations (which is what happened in the summer of 2008 - the exodus to TFL )

For our part in Unison we will have to ensure that we keep an eye out to ensure that corporate standards and consistency in applying and understanding policy are not sacrificed.

Nick Venedi

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