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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Anne Fairweather prospective Labour MEP

Just a note to thank Anne Fairweather for getting back to me explaining why there wasn't enough time at the AGM when she did her presentation to mention the fact that the Labour party MEP's are involved with issues around the Cyprus problem.
Thought I should at least mention this and thank her for her reply. I know that Mary Honeyball has previously worked with the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities in London. My point was that it should have been mentioned as one of the Labour party priorities and the impression given was that it wasn't.
The message from me is for all who haven't registered for the Euro elections on June the 4th to do so as soon as they can.
I will report back soon on this.


  1. Nick

    I agree Cyprus does not get the coverage it should. I do report on my blog. Here are some posts

    and an article I wrote in the Guardian last year
    look forward to working with you on the campaign.


    Mary Honeyball MEP

  2. A public thanks to Anne and Mary Honeyball for their reply. I shall be working hard with other community leaders to suport Labour party efforts in the main north London constituencies.

  3. I am not sure that the Greek community in London can be taken for granted. The assumption that all Greeks vote for Labour is not correct. I would agree that 80% do and that the community is more politicised than other similar groups (perhaps) but not all Greeks are devoted Labour party followers especially not since New Labour started taking on Tory policies...

    Andreas S

  4. Gia sou Andrea

    Agree that the Greek community in London is often taken for granted but we have traditionally supported the Labour movement and the Labour party is not dominated by the New Laborites as you seem to be suggesting. We can change things from within if we get more involved.