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Friday, 20 March 2009

Unison AGM and Europe

I was amazed but not at all surprised to witness one of the key members of the Labour party prospective MEP's team, Anne Fairweather, making an otherwise excellent presentation on what priorities the Labour party has for the coming Euro elections scheduled to take place in June 2009.

I was shocked to hear (or not hear as it happens) that the impressive list of international disputes that the Labour MEP's have on their programme did not include the solution of the 34 year old division of Cyprus. I would have thought that given that Cyprus is a member state of the EU the EU (and I know this to be the case) would consider the occupation by foreign troops of part of its own territory to be a serious problem in need of a solution? In which case the Labour party would at least show some interest?

I will be inviting Anne Fairweather to London Greek Radio if she is interested in the 300,000 votes and interested in explaining British policy on the subject(British citizens of Greek origin)

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