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Friday, 29 January 2016

The EU debate

I was always in favour of a United Europe and I still am. What I don't think will work is the constant instability displayed by the British people who have constant doubts about the benefits of remaining in the EU.

The facts to me are simple. It is a no win situation. If you we stay in the EU we must accept the rules that come with it. That includes what we can and can not do within our own borders. There are financial benefits with staying within the club and I think those who are trying to get us to vote Yes will highlight these. What I can not deal with is for us to be having the constant debate as to whether all evil comes from Europe or not. The referendum will put an end to all that.

So my position is that I am not happy with the way the Germans behaved during the Greek and Portugese financial crisis and very unhappy with the way states like Hungary have dealt with the refugee issue. That makes me anti Europe on the other hand even I will agree that Britain on its own will be a weaker country. So if after the referendum we vote to stay in then I want everyone to accept once and for all that we are part of a United Europe and that a federation is around the corner. That is that! At the end of the day there are more than 2 million Brits living in Spain, Greece, Cyprus Portugal and Italy most of whom do not make any effort to speak the local language which is fine but lets stop whinging about the EU citizens who come over here?? Just shut the f..k up?

Nick Venedi

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