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Saturday, 26 October 2013


I have been away for a few weeks so was unable to get on line and spew out my usual stuff on blogsphere. Not sure I was too bothered to be honest but I am returning now to ensure that the thousands of people who never read my blog get the opportunity to continue with this splendid tradition.

So lets cover some subjects of interest then?

Cameron tells us that the way to deal with the fuel rate rises is to stay in one room all winter and avoid turning the heating in other rooms! Great stuff coming from some trolley who probably has his heating on in his 10 bedroom house all the time. But then that's the Tory philosophy for you!

Managed to watch part of Question Time on Thursday night and was impressed to hear the views of Owen Jones. He will not stand for parliament because he feels that UK politics is dominated with career politicians. Totally agree. These are people with no real life experience who couldn't make it as lawyers or doctors who excel in the dispensation of hot air. Easy way to make money. Most of them are a waste of space and joining their ranks will bring you down I admire people like Jon of the Rogers who could easily get elected but will not ever stand as he knows that he would have to sell his principles. Good for you our Jon.

Nick Venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

nick venedi

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