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Friday, 4 October 2013

Animal cruelty

A harbour seal named Larry who's gone blind. Two sea lions named Baker and Sandy who have had to spend two months in dry cages because of eye damage from questionable water. More than a dozen whales who have mysteriously died in the last ten years. It's all allegedly happened at Marineland -- and now, they're trying to cover it up.
After an investigative report by the Toronto Star last year revealed horrifying conditions at Marineland according to former employees, the marine mammal park sprang into action -- but not to improve the lives of their animals. Instead, they're suing the Star, as well as at least two protesters who have demonstrated outside the park itself. They've also bought land around the park so that protesters outside of it will be considered "trespassing."

These are cowardly, evasive maneuvers that are just distracting from the real issue at hand: the safety and health of the whales, dolphins and sea lions that live at Marineland. They deserve better than to be ignored while the park tries to silence their critics. Sign the petition to tell Marineland to clean up its act.

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