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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Alistair Campbell and the dirty politics of Britain

It is correct for the Labour party machinery and the PR people they have to react to the nasty story printed in the Mail about Ed Milliband's father. Bringing in the memory of someone who is dead is not morally right.

On the other hand the Labour party lost an opportunity by bringing in Alistair Campbell who appeared on Newsnight last night presenting a pathetic attack on the editor of the Mail. The way he handled things makes him look like a bully and reminded people how disliked he is. Did he therefore mess it all up? I think he did and that's what the people I know are saying this morning. He belongs to an ere of spin doctors who were able to manipulate the media. I am hoping that Milliband is not looking at AC as his saviour because he will achieve the opposite.

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