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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Extreme right in Greece

The rise of the extreme right in Greece and in any other country for that matter is asociated with extreme disatisfaction with mainstream party politics. In Greece we had a succession of incopetent governments both of the left and the right that had policies that simply encouraged the borrowing of vast amounts of money to keep the population happy. Greeks have benefited to a large extent from the policy of high employment with good benefits in the last 20 years and excellent standards of living. But it was all done by borrowing, followd by borrowing and more borrowing. The bubble had to burst at some stage.

The negligence shown by the main parties in the last 20 years is criminal and those responsible should be dealt with in court. The electorate and those who can least afford it are being punished now with major austerity measures. As a result some have shifted their vote to the extreme right but I do not believe that Greeks are that way inclined. They are, however, inclined to get very angry and they have outbursts when consumed by huge anger. The other problem is that the parties on the 'real left' are as useless in organising as the major parties you therefore have a vacum that is filled by the extreme right. I don't think this will last.

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