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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Is the Greek coalition government handling the crisis correctly?

The coalition government in Greece between the Conservative, Socialist and Real Left parties is of course incapable of making a halloumi sandwich in a coffee bar. Everyone knows this. The collection of weirdos that make up the cabinet is enough to confirm this.

First of all the so called government takes its orders from Berlin. We now have a situation where the old country should be called as the German Democratic Republic of Greece. The Troika is making this ass holes cut more and more and making ordinary people poor. In addition there are instructions to remove all defence industries from Greece. This makes people think that they are preparing for the final submission of the once proud country and some are unfortunately moving to the far right. The 'Golden Dawn' party has got around 20% of the vote more than any other country in Europe. People are simply angry and they are expressing their frustration by moving the the extreme!

On the other hand there is no real opposition as there is very little to oppose! Not much is left the old political elite have moved their money abroad and don't give a fuck!

The solution is for those who are members of the Trades Union movement to form a party of salvation and non political party that will deal with issues in a practical way.

Nick Venedi

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