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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stop Cockfighting!

Instead of keeping cockfighting illegal, the Saint Maarten government wants to allow citizens to gamble with roosters' lives. We can't allow this!

Cockfighting is a messy business with a bloody history. Gamblers have long forced these birds to fight to the death for their own selfish gain, despite current laws calling them out on the heartless practise.

After mutilating roosters by chopping off their combs and wattles, gamblers strip away parts of the birds' feet to make room for weapons that can gouge out opponents' eyes. Once the birds are dead or dying, they end up tossed out like garbage.

Saint Maarten's government voted to remove the penal code for cock fighting. We only have a limited window of time to stop them from reversing this penal code.

Tell Saint Maarten to not legalise cock fighting!

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