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Saturday, 16 June 2012

The day before the election a referendum on the euro

Today is the last day before the second election in a month in Greece.

There are major meetings in all of the squares in all of the big cities in the country with the main parties and their leaders promising change and progress, but non being able to substantiate what they say they can deliver.

Looking at all that's on offer it would seem that PASOK (Socialist) is the only force that has a clear programme that makes sense. I don't agree with their view that the austerity measures cannot be avoided but I can see the logic that a rescheduling and a re negotiated package can help Greece deliver its obligations but do it in a longer space of time. The country is at a major crossroads and it is obvious that leaving the euro will create problems not just for Greece but the rest of Europe so the PASOK 6 point solution seems to be the only sensible way out of the total mess created by career politicians. Syrizas programme is irresponsible and devoid of any logic. PASOK has the only answer!

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