nick venedi

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Is it possible to have true democracy?

It has always been difficult to have true democratic institutions running without interference from external factors but what has become very obvious in the last 4 years is the power of the markets and our subservience to mad economic theories that allow for countries like Brazil to destroy the worlds forests so that they can release timber to the markets and service their huge debts whilst a lot of their people are on starvation point. The bankers and the lenders make more money whilst the rest of the planet is threatened by deforestation.

We have also seen how the markets control developed countries to the point of turning them into slaves. These trends have proven to be dangerous in the past and have produced major uprisings and upheaval but they can be controlled if democratic countries regulated the handful of individuals responsible for this carnage. Democracy must prevail but for that to happen we need brave and pure politicians and I don't see many of them around?

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