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Monday, 4 June 2012

The Monarchy

I have done my best to stay out of arguing in favour or against having a Monarch as I am very well aware of the fact that the majority of the population in the UK appear to want to keep the Queen. It will be patronising to tell 75% of the people that they are wrong. That very Greek concept of democracy is after all based on the principle of majority rule.

All I can say is that the flotilla on the Thames yesterday was not very impressive at all and it reminded me of those boats in the harbour of Hong Kong, it would have been more realistic if the small vessels involved were also carrying their frying pans. It could have been done better. Katie looked good and I do like Prince William, he appears to be humble and in touch so if he was to stand for the position of President of the UK against Boris Johnson I would definitely be voting for him.

On the other hand I have looked carefully at all Equalities related legislation and have found nothing that can justify keeping on a social pyramid with a special family on top? Can't find it any where. I can probably live with having a Queen as Head of state but having a plethora of others around them seems to be out of date, boring and irrelevant. I see no reason why there should be so many brigadier Trolley type of Dukes and Barons this  that and a bit of the other. Make it simple and keep it real guys!

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