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Monday, 18 June 2012

Greek election 2012

The result of the second election this year in Greece shows a shift to the centre right and a majority voting in favour of staying within the Eurozone which also means some acceptance of the austerity measures as long as there are changes to the terms.

Antonis Samaras would not have won had he not promised to renegotiate the terms of the 'package' that came with the loans.

The significant difference between the results recorded between the June election with those of the one that took place in May is that the communist party lost 10 seats and the far right lost 4. Socialist PASOK came poor third.

Antonis Samaras will now have to form a government of 'national unity' which means that his arch rivals, Socialist PASOK, will have to agree to work with him. I can't stand the Greek Tories but I fear that on this occasion PASOK will have to work with them temporarily before the country disintegrates to more chaos! Time to face reality.

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