nick venedi

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Greece. Election on the 17 June

A number of different opinion polls published in the Greek press indicate that the result of the crucial election on the 17 of June will be similar with that produced following the 6 of May. If this is the case then the career politicians that have dominated the country for the last century will continue playing their games and unable to form a government that will be capable of managing the country's crisis. This will indeed be a great shame and it could lead to chaos but I am hoping that the electorate will come to its senses and avoid casting a protest vote in favour of extremist parties. That tactic will not help and it is wrong. I am of course hoping that Socialist PASOK will gain a majority but my hope isn't based on any evidence that can be substantiated by opinion poll results.


  1. hi there.
    i am working on a tv news piece about the greek community in london for a german broadcaster. this is supposed to be transmitted before the election at the weekend. was wondering if i could pick your brain for this story.
    what's the best way to contact you?

  2. Hi. Need to know you are genuine so email me your details at my workplace email, include name, phone no and details of your company.