nick venedi

Monday, 15 February 2010

Unison General Secretary election

Some of us are already getting bored with this subject and of course the debate will continue. I have my own branch committee tomorrow where a decision will be taken as to who to support for the position of General Secretary. Jon of the Rogers will be presenting a good argument in favour of Paul Holmes but there are those in the branch who are sceptical. The scepticism, as far as I am concerned, comes from not thinking outside the box and simply going for the same 'old' individuals as before. Nothing against Roger Bannister or Paul Holmes but why can't we have someone new who will be making a mark for next time round?? Ah, no that will be too different. Well wasn't Obama too different? Did anyone outside his state know who he was? Ah well lets just stick to the old bloody order shall we??


  1. Nick how can we discuss nominations at tomorrows Committe meeting when the deadline for agenda items has passed and as such the agenda has been sent out to us all. Nothing in agenda papers about nominations ? Is it going to be another case of you and Jon the Rogers sending around a 'report' before,or at tomorrows meeting dealing with the Branch nomination, ?

    If so I and a few of us on the Branch Committee believe this will be scandelous, undemocratic, manipulating the Committee ,and worst of all not transparent. Is this the way the left to the left of the left operate ,or is it just when elections are on ??

  2. Well would answer this if I knew who you are?

  3. It's a cowardly act to wind someone up without letting them know your name. Who are you?? Hassina

  4. Holmes campaign is holed below the waterline. The Health service group met and it was only Prentis and Bannister's nomination requests thatw ere considered. There wasn't even anyone there to argue for Holmes to be considered! Fatally holed.

  5. Hello Ian

    It is a fact that Roger Bannister is better known than Holmes and of course he stood before whereas Holmes isn't known at all. Is this an attempt to split the vote? The left of the left needs to sort this out?