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Friday, 5 February 2010

Is monogamy possible?

The thousands of of you who never read this blog will know about my constant quest and exploration on the concept of monogamy. I am specifically concerned about the fact that many men and women spend their entire lives being untrue to themselves and not utilising the one and only opportunity they will ever ever get to have fun? I don't think nature would have given men the ability to produce 50 million sperm a day every day if she wanted them to sit home and knit jumpers every night, or even worst watch coronation st?
I am definitely doing the research into this subject as the united left has failed to take this matter seriously and the initial results (based on more than 25 years research) shown that men especially will always play away whenever they can. Women (well most of all my female mates do) do this as well. So its about time we dropped the nonsense about the need to stick with one person and create bloody drama every time someone in a relationship goes out to play for Chelsea or Arsenal? Lets get real and grow up.. Nature intended us to have fun the society and the norms we created in our capitalist system has nothing to do with what nature intended. Just make sure you play safe though! (disclaimer: whilst my entry here talks about the generalities it should not be taken to mean that it is my personal intention to misbehave, not before I discuss it with my partner who never reads this anyway!)

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