nick venedi

Monday, 1 February 2010

Lambeth Unison

Another late meeting with Lambeth activists tonight and we all agreed that the branch unity is our priority. We declare that there is only one branch and only one sort of membership. All members in Lambeth Unison are Lambeth activists fighting for unity, equality and fairness at work. We will not allow for divisions that are fuelled by external forces to torpedo the progress the branch has made in the last 10 years. Our unity is our strength!


  1. And what a shame the UUL are so misnamed, eh?

  2. glad to hear it Nick of the Venedi - so will we see you start to behave yourself anytime soon ? and putting that enormous ego to rest somewhere else...wont hold my breath...

  3. Anon at 6.34
    The results yesterday would suggest that the left isn't that united? People like Marsha Jana are trying to get everyone together but she is throwing eggs on a hard wall...

  4. Anon 9.34

    What ego? The one you bought at Mr byrite?