nick venedi

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dave Prentis and the GS election

Difficult one. I have met Dave a few times and he does, in my opinion, do a reasonable job showing the general public of who we are. He is presentable and pleasant and is seen on telly more often than any of the other leaders apart from Bob of the Crows of course. So in terms of what it is that we want the GS to do for us and what it is that a GS can do with a large NEC controlling what is said and done I would imagine that he does well. I believe that power of the union should be with branches and not the centre so a strong GS is not something I want...
I know what I am saying here is heresy amongst some of my mates who love me dearly on the left of the left and not bothered about what the left of the left to the further left think. My contribution to this debate when it all started was a simple one. Dave Prentis will win the election because the majority of those who will bother to vote will do so so find a young candidate, I said, who will come in and make her/his mark so that people know who she or he is. I suggested two younger members (who are on the left of the left) but no one (shocking!) took my proposal seriously, so instead they will be supporting a few people who as far as I know are on the left of the left and one is on the left of the left but further from the left (confused? well I am..) anyway I know one of these people and have seen him make speeches at national conference and he could do with a good hair cut (sorry..) I know who Roger Bannister is as well of course. My position is simple. My branch committee will be deciding who to nominate on Tuesday but I know for a fact that the majority of people are not too interested in this. I will go with what the Branch committee decides of course but I will say what I have to say as I always do. This was an opportunity to think long term and to show a younger candidate to the nation so that their name stays with them so we have missed, once again, the opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that Dave Prentis will win the election I would have been saying something entirely different and the debate would have been more relevant if he was not standing and there was a free for all but the reality is we are not on that planet!!


  1. At last someone in Lambeth makes sense? Kind of??

    M O'Hara