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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Total place is total bananas!

A new threat to public services is emerging slowly but progressively through the total place idea. Jon of the Rogers has already done a splendid presentation of the concept and explains it quite well on his blog good that he is using simple language this time and not LSE bollonie! . The BBC website also has an entry on the pilot project in Birmigham where the Council want to save 69 million by cutting 2,000 jobs. And of course this is just the start. It will mean that other Councils around the country will follow that example. It will mean that more of us will be deleted so that there is enough money to pay more of the bonuses that the bankers need to screw the economy up next time around?
So there has never been a worst time for public services than what we are about to face. Cammeron (the man with the banana in his mouth) will be dishing out his virtual public service product soon if he wins the election and trying to turn Councils into a Tesco or Sainsubrys type of organisations. This is a good enough reason for those of us in the different strands of the left to put our differences aside and concentrate on the first stage of the fight back which is of course more systematic and sustainable recruitment. We must not, however, forget the need to retain those members that we still have otherwise Easy Union (coming shortly) will be taking over and that must never happen!

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