nick venedi

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I had the misfortune to get in at 5.45 last night and switched the telly on somehow managed to go on to channel 5 where neighbours is shown so watched it for a total of 15 minutes. The impression I would make (if I was naive and came from the planet zanussi) is that almost everyone living in Australia or Melbourne at least is blond, Anglo Saxon, and has blue eyes and yes not many overweight people in neighbours either. The reason this idiotic programme irritates me is because it is without a doubt trying to sell an image that they think will appeal to those who don't agree with the theory of integration and diversity. They are getting away with it because the soap and its racist undertones is presented very carefully. But if what they portray is completely inaccurate then shouldn't that be challenged? And shouldn't the reason why they are presenting this 'Utopian' (in their own minds) life be examined and exposed? And most of all why is channel 5 paying for such garbage to be shown? The reality is that Australia is a successful country because of its healthy mix of new people and the split between Anglo Saxon and 'others' is an even one. This must be represented in this trashy programme if it is to be real.


  1. you are missing the point Nick of the Venedi - it is TV and it isn't real and I dont think they intend for it to be real either. Gosh I would've thought a bright spark like you would have even realised that.... must be the influence of the new decade... cheers comrade Gentleman Ga Ga

  2. No I don't agree Gentleman Ga Ga, the media have a resposibility to entairtain and promote corect and positive images, so no you are wrong the neighbours is gulty of portraying a false image.