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Friday, 22 January 2010

London Unison LGBT

Another well attended and successful LGBT committee meeting last night in central London. This is perhaps one of the few bodies within London Unison where the level of activity and the quality of the output (am talking like an accountant again.. sorry..) is second to none. Sad news that Jackie Loudoun and Amanda Baird will no longer be servicing the committee as they have been moved elsewhere they will be missed.
I welcome the invitation by members for me to take on the role of Co Chair with the very capable Terry, this will be an interesting and I hope productive move but working with the splendid Deirdre Costigan and Ms Jackie Lewis will mean that the team will do its best to produce the good results achieved previously. The standard has been set high and I aim to do my best to keep it at that level. Congratulations to Deirdre Costigan for getting elected to be the co Chair of the national LGBT committee (hence the change) and of course well done to Jackie Lewis for holding a life long international title (I think its supreme lgbt Commander in Chief or something? ) further evidence that the London region can and does produce good people who can produce the work.

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