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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New US air base in Kalamata Greece

I have no idea why the Greek governement has signed a new agreement with the USA allowing them to use the airforce base in Kalamata for military purposes. The Greek press reports that Prime Minister Samaras agreed this at a meeting with Obama last week.

The press also reports that the Americans are interested in using Kalamata as a base for military operations in Syria?

I don't understnad why Greek governments since 1912 have done everything to accomodate Western interests. Greece got involved with two world wars which destroyed its infrastructure but received no help after that, it then allowed the CIA to impose a military junta in 1967 and it was then directly involved in allowing and encouraging the invasion of Cyprus in 1974? We now have the EU further destroying the country.

Why the hell is Greece continuing to be this 'reliable ally' to a collective that keeps undermining their interests? Why is Greece full of fucked up pliticians who have as much brain power as Winnie the Poo?? They are taking the country for a ride. If Greece is in such a great military and strategic position then let others who will put money in and help come in. The highest bider should be brought in either that or the West should show some serious comitment to supporting the country.

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