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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Just come back from the cinema watched Elysium with a few mates. We all thought that the concept and the idea behind the story were strong but the intense over baked action sequences a bit over the top.

The world in 2140 something is divided by those who live on an over populated planet ( the poor, mostly Spanish speaking ) and then a new thing that orbits the earth, called Elysium ( Greek for paradise ) by the rich and powerful. In other words something similar to the security gated developments in South Africa patrolled by guards 24 hours a day where rich white people live. So not much difference there. Was surprised that in 2141 we would still have helicopters with propellers?? Not very forward looking then?

As I said the story and concept can be powerful if correctly interpreted but not sure the producers wanted us to derive any messages from this film? The only message was lets make a lot of money? Anyway we all gave it 5 out of 10. Must say would have preferred to have stayed in and watch Coronation st..

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