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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Coronation street to be removed?

The rumours about finishing coronation street have started. It is interesting that the discussion begun on one of the BBC programmes I think BBC 26 or something?

I hope this is not true as I watch the street and I find it very English and thoroughly real and entertaining. I wouldn't want to lose Deidre or Tracey Barlow. They have been an inspiration. Corrie is funny and has become a habit. Its a must for Monday, Weds and Friday nights!

The producers  have to be careful with what stories they use. The latest one about the race argument was idiotic and it trivialised the issues they were meant to be dealing with. They must be careful with how they approach these subjects. Its fine having a lesbian couple in the middle of Weahterfield but they should also think of dealing with the issues of those from the Fiji islands who have problems with ear wax! Its a subject that is often neglected! Get the picture?

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