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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The wedding

Well its difficult sometimes to escape from reality and the fact is that William and Kate are getting married this week.

There are of course serious arguments against having a royal family and one of the major ones revolves around the fact that the crown symbolises inequality and perpetuates the tradition that started hundreds of years ago. They are in other words on top of an unequal pyramid.

On the other hand there are those who will say that things have change and the royals have a ceremonial role. Not many people would, for example, remember the name of a president whereas almost everyone would know who the king of Spain or England are. So there is that side of thugs to consider. And I am not sure that it is the royals that create the inequality that much? I think its those immediately below them who hope that they might get a title out of it and make themselves look better (in their opinion) by being associated with them.

But on a practical level many people will enjoy the day and an extra holiday will do everyone the world of good. I can only wish the two people getting married the best of luck to be honest they are clearly in love and the fact that the family have agreed to allow William to marry someone amongst the ranks of the middle class is a good thing.

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