nick venedi

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Andrew Marr

A lot has been said in the press about whether Andrew Marr was right to go to court and get an order against printing stories about his personal life. I just don't think its any ones business what people do when they are offline. The most amazing thing with the story is that anyone would want to have an affair with someone looking like him but whether they did or not has nothing to do with us!


  1. Actually it has a lot to do with us. Mr Marr works for the BBC and because of his behaviour (both the affair and the injunction) he is unable to do his job as a journalist effectively. Since we all are forced to pay the TV licence fee we all have a stake in the performance of the man.

  2. Thanks for your comment Lee. I see your point but do we really care what Andre Marr gets up to? He is obviously a hypocrite but..