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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Church of England

Now a lot of my many readers would be wondering as to why the hell I am getting involved with the debate as to whether we should have an established church and they would be wondering, correctly I think, as to what makes me an expert on this. Well the truth is not being an expert on a subject has not stopped me from commenting before. I am sure that Mrs Queen will not care much about my views on this. My profound position on the church of England and its dominance over all other religions in the country is that it is very much part of the historical tradition of the country. But its elevation to top dog does not make it right and the fact that Henry the 8.5 (apparently that's how big he was) and his obsession with removing a number of his wife's (he clearly didn't believe in equal rights..) should not mean that one religion should be more equal than others? In fact I would go as far as to say that in this day and age we do not need to have any religion have such a powerful position in society. Those who want to practice religion, like my mother and her friends, have every right to do so but having the Church of England recognised as the main religion of the state over say Catholics or other non Christian religions is not representative. Whoever becomes the King next should declare that they will try to defend all religions and those who have none at all. That will be more up to date and relevant. Ah and maybe someone should start getting rid of the House of Lords? What do they do???

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