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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dealing with realities..

I am hearing that smaller groups on the left will be putting up candidates in several constituencies and I know of one such person in my own area, Lambeth, which has 3 constituencies with Labour MP's and I know of one person in Vauxhall who intends to stand against Kate Hoye (very brave.. not..)
It is of course the democratic right of every citizen (or is it subject?) in this country to stand for election, but I fear that the next battle will be a dangerous one for those of us who believe in public services. It is a fact that if a Tory government is elected the public sector will face a major challenge and we will be back to constant confrontation. They have already declared that 1 in 10 jobs will be deleted and a pay freeze will be on the cards. Many on the left are now arguing that a Labour government will do the same and although this might be somewhat true the fact is the TU has more influence with them. It is time to make electing the 'right' government the priority and not divide the vote in marginal constituencies (and I am not saying that anyone standing in the 3 Lambeth constituencies will be doing this as Lambeth is solid Labour!!)

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