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Thursday, 25 July 2013

East Enders in trouble

The producers at the BBC has just realised that the formula they use for East Enders isn't appealing to many. Anyone could have told them that years ago. I used to occasionally watch it but haven't for at least a year. The only story they have not covered yet ( am sure they will) is the affect of ear wax on pink flamingos from the Fiji islands! They must do more to cover this!

The reason people are switching off is because the stories they use are absolutely ridiculous. They try to bring in every aspect of every possible connection in society and they use boring writers to support what they are trying to show.

People are tired of the 'lets try and fit in everything and everyone in the story line' formula. There is nothing natural or entertaining about what East Enders are presenting. I have no doubt the bosses at the BBC will switch the whole none sense off soon and if they did they will be doing us all a great favour! What a lot of total rubbish!! Get rid of it.

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