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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Big brother chanel 5

I don't of course watch big brother on channel 5 as I have better things to do with my life, I have, however and on a few occasions managed to catch up with what is going on.

The latest stuff revolves around some egocentric wannabes who obviously don't have any mirrors in their house. A pathetic whimp called Dan who apparently used to be in the police force ( God help us all!) They all think they are something they are obviously not and they moderate their behaviour playing to the camera. Nothing unusual about that. But what I find disturbing is the obvious way channel 5 are manipulating these vulnerable people some of whom need therapy. I think a lot of what happens borders on psychological cruelty. The television regulator should look into this practise where people are encouraged to openly bully others ( like Dan has been doing ) for our entertainment? This is not morally right at all. Some say that if people are watching it then it must be good but that is very similar to the argument used by the Romans when they threw gladiators to the lions? Was that right?

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