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Monday, 24 June 2013

Russian airforce in Cyprus

The Cyprus government has agreed in principle to grant a Russian request for use of a military airbase in Paphos. Moscow has filed an official request to be allowed use of the Andreas Papandreou base, east of Paphos. The West has of course reacted with 'concern' but I wonder why they did not react with an equal amount of 'concern' when Cyprus needed a bailout and instead forced the government to tax its own citizens and destroy their economy in other words they imposed a form of punishment on what is meant to be a partner member of the EU!

I think it is dangerous to play games in what is a very volatile region but at the end of the day the Cyprus government has an absolute right to protect its interest and if the West continues to piss on them then they should consider giving the Russian fleet and air force a permanent base. Looks like the West and Cyprus are both playing a very dangerous game and with super duper idiots like William Hague running the foreign office in the UK there is no guarantee that the region will be plunged into chaos!! Fire Hague and give the job to Boris Johnson I say, makes more sense!!

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