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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cyprus solution?

It will soon be 39 years since Turkish troops invaded the independent Republic of Cyprus and occupied 37% of its land. The occupied part then declared UDI in 1982 but no country apart from the invading power, Turkey, recognises the north part. The world does not give recognition but it does very little else to force the troops out of Cyprus.

There have been numerous attempts to unite the island but negotiations keep failing all the time. Cypriot politicians have been used by foreign powers to undermine the process as it is clear that the West benefits by keeping the counry divided. The EU gets to use the non solution as an excuse to keep Turkey out of Europe whilst the USA and Britain benefit by diverting attention from the fact that they themselves have two major military bases there. They know for a fact that as long as the division continues Cypriot politicians will not dare to challenge the presence of the bases.

But there is now a small opportunity to force the two sides to find a solution that guarantees that the two communities unite and they do so without interference from Turkey, Greece or Britain. The key to the solution is not to allow any foreign troops on the island, but is that possible?? I have my doubts as the political class on the island on both sides is dominated by a self serving elite who care very little for the people.

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