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Monday, 3 June 2013

MP's and pay

The other debate that has started again is about the rate of pay for MP's. I think that the current system attracts people who want to do it for the money  and as there are no qualification requirements for the 'job' it is obvious that it attracts those who see it as a career.

In other words people like Hague or Balls who would not make it in the real world. The only way to ensure that we attract those who want to do it because they have a vision and they want to change society is to put these people on  a reasonable pay and I imagine the only comparison I can think of in terms of what salary to put them on is a college lecturer so I would guess that a fair pay for someone who spends their life talking would be between 35 to 50k a year anything above that level is a waste of public money!

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