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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher day 3

And so it continues. We now know there will be a state funeral held at St Paul's cathedral and that the Queen, who never liked her when she was alive, will be attending.

Questions have been raised as to whether it is appropriate for MT to receive a state funeral whilst Tony Blair ( who has been  politically dead for years ) never got one! Where is the equality in that??

On a more serious note I would agree with those who want to know why given all the money MT made giving lectures on how exciting Ronald and Nancy Reagan were, she did not buy a descent handbag? A nice LV would have improved her image? I have no idea why the media are not covering this subject but instead give brain box ( not..) William Hague the chance to totally bore us on telly with his ideas on who she was and what she did? Country's gone mad!!

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