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Friday, 26 April 2013

Jon of the Rogers, NEC and slates

Brother Jon recommends that we should vote for the UL slate ( I think that's what they are?) I have no doubt about Jon's ability to do the job and do it right. He is perhaps one of the very few who can do the work of representing the London region. He sits on the fence some times but this is probably because if he didn't he would climb down and get wet.

Jon is on balance good at challenging the establishment and reflects the views of most of the members plus he has leadership qualities that others do not have! But to ask to support a slate made of  people who may not be able to do the job is not what should be about. Some, like Phoebe Watkins will do a great job so I am supporting her, but the fact is that others are not that good. The only reason I might vote for some of the others is because the alternative is even worst, so they need to work on their skills and prove they can do the job, like smile occasionally and pretend they can be nice? Whatever anyone thinks of John of the Gray he is good at that, polite and approachable. Others need to learn??

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