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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Stacey Dooley bbc3

Another excellent documentary and the final one of the mini 3 part series by Stacey Dooley on BBC3 last night. It is great to see that the producers of the BBC have finally understood the importance of bringing in new and young talent to present shows and do more content interesting documentaries.

Stacey a 25 year old journalist did a good job following the fortunes of young people in 3 countries affected by the severe economic climate across the world. She started with Greece moved on to Ireland and finally last night ended the series with a visit to Japan. Every one thinks of Japan as being that all superior and successful economic model but that does not seem to be the case. People there spoke of having to work 18 hours a day to keep a mere job and others expressed their frustration of not being able to get any work.

Excellent documentary worth watching on I player if you have not seen it yet. We want more of Stacey and less of the likes of Andrew I am everywhere Neil!!

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