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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Reform the House of Lords

Interesting how the debate on whether the House of Lords needs reforming or not keeps coming up. The only party with a consistent line on this have been the Lib Democrats who are too polite to say the entire system needs to be got rid of and instead talk about reforms.

Looking at it from a purely practical point of view it is obvious that we do not need to have a huge number of unelected people sitting in an expensive building in the centre of London falling asleep most of the day and getting paid big money for doing so.

My objection to having a House of Lards is that in a free society where Equality is meant to be of  paramount importance we should not have titles and certainly not accept the continuation of hereditary ones. The entire concept is a full contradiction to all the Equalities legislation we have brought in over the years.

I propose that we have a senate of 200 elected reps who get paid £25,000 a year to do a job of scrutinising legislation, that way we will avoid the career politicians and encourage people with talent who want to help society. Get rid of all titles I say and the Lards!!

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