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Monday, 2 July 2012

Referendum on Europe

I don't think David Cameron is keen on holding a referendum on Europe but he knows that if he doesn't offer one at this stage then UKIP will take away a fair amount of the Tory vote at the next election. So any declarations about a referendum are not strictly speaking honest. I am sure it will all change after the election and if the Tories stick the promise in their manifesto then the likes of Hague (how did he get to be a minister??) will ensure that the question put to the electorate will gurantee a yes to staying in Europe vote. The question will most probably be '.. do you want a disaster and leave Europe or stay in and be part of a big party..' well something like that!

The only thing clear today is that we are being managed by a collective of career politicians who only make a move if it will ensure that they keep their well paid jobs in government for a bit longer! Change the system I say and pay them 25k a year, that will ensure that only those who want to serve the country go for parliament!!

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