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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Stacey Dooley BBC3

Excellent documentary last night and a week ago called 'Coming here soon' on BBC3. The title serves to warn us that what we are seeing in Greece and Ireland could be imported here in the UK as well.

Fantastic to see a young journalist, Stacey Dooley, cover the stories that matter to young people affected by the severe economic crisis in Europe and then Japan. The docu takes us first to Greece which was shown last week and last night to Ireland. Stacey mixes with people in their 20s and sees how they are facing the harsh reality of the problems created by the bankers and incompetent politicians.

In Greece we were shown the contrast between how people on the streets and in the centre of the capital, Athens are treated and how the rich who live in the affluent suburb of Kifisia are dealt with by the police and the state. A story of two worlds but one city.

In Ireland last night we saw how many young people are now having to leave the country and immigrate to other parts of the world like Australia. This is a familiar story as the same phenomenon is prevailing in Greece as well.

Its good to use a new young journalist to do this kind of programme. I have been critical of the BBC using the same old people, like Andrew Neil etc to cover everything so its great to see that new and talented people are given the opportunity. Quality and content get 10 out of 10, can't wait to watch next week the programme covering Japan. You can watch previous episodes on I Player.

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