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Monday, 25 October 2010

United front

I have just read John Grays blog which covers the SERTUC gathering on Saturday. According to what John says there was an alternative rally at the same time as the main TUC event which, in his opinion (and I wasn't able to be there so I didn't see this) took away some of the crowd. If this is correct (and I am sure it is) then this is not the right time to be dividing our effort into two. We often criticise our leadership for not organising events and when they do some of us set up alternatives? This cannot be right and if we don't sort our divisions out we will be setting ourselves up to fail. I believe in strict discipline within the TU movement which will, on the one hand allow for complete freedom of expression, but will also, on the other hand ensure that we present a common front and present ourselves as one.

I also note with interest that Bob Crow made his usual 'lets give them what they want to hear speech' I always found people who engaged in such populist gestures as lazy and devoid of imagination. I find Bob highly entertaining but doubt as to whether he has a concrete strategy that can be measurable and could guarantee long term results. I would however go and listen to a speech he makes as I will find it enjoyable! He is certainly not boring!

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