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Monday, 18 October 2010

Sweet and bitter island

My thanks to the anonymous reader who shared his ideas with me on the Cyprus problem. Shame you don't identify yourself, unfortunately I have a policy of not publishing anonymous comments even thought these are constructive and, in my view, progressive.

It is true that many foreign correspondence have written books on Cyprus but Tabitah lives in Cyprus and has first hand knowledge of the current situation and has been good (most of the time) in reporting events.

I like most of what she says in her book but feel that her assessment of the Greek Cypriot mentality is based on weak observations and some of the conclusions are derived from on face value judgements. This is after all a country that has produced Stelions (Mr Easy Jet) and at the other extreme George Michael. So stereotyping a nation and putting people in boxes does not always work.

The problem they have in Cyprus is very much associated with imperialist interests so the USA, Britain, Greece and Turkey have all turned what is a beutiful island into a battle ship and have ignored, to a very high degree, the interests of those who have lived there for thousands of years.

There are no simple solutions to the current stagnation but those of us with progressive minds would want to work together, on both sides of the island, for a just and federal solution that ensures the intergity of the Republic of Cyprus and allows all its people to live in peace.

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