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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tiger Woods and Bankers and the United Left ...

The thousands of you not reading this blog on a regular basis will be wondering what the connection between Tiger Woods (an American golfer and a very rich man) is and UK Bankers? The answer is non what so ever. I just thought those two stories were quite interesting but in very different ways. Variety is the spice of life and all that bollonie!

Interested in the Tiger Woods story because it reminds me of how absurd it is to expect a man to spend 40 years of his adult life pretending to be John the Baptist (no he wasn't a United Left candidate at the 2004 regional Council) It is astonishing that society condemns a person who was just having some fun? Yes I know that he has a family but monogamy (and this is where I get into trouble) isn't real, it doesn't work and the opposite of monogamy (or taking your dog for a walk as it is sometimes referred to) can be ok if done occasionally. Now I am aware of this from my own experience of life and I know that many of my friends in relationships are happier when they get the balance right and this applies to women as wel as men. You can love someone and have a special person in your life who whings at you every day but also have fun? Can this principle be the basis of a new up to date religion? I know the bishop of Bollonie land will not be happy with this but hey this is the 21st century??

Now I come to bankers? Well all I can say on this is that there is a w missing from the start of that word. The public have invested billions into saving these incompetent lot so that they will now be paid extra bonuses? Have we all gone mad? Has society lost the plot? What with Cheryl Cole being presented to us as a singing phenomenon and Tiger Woods as being the Arch Satan of the universe for having a bit of 'how's your father' we should get serious and sort ourselves out before the United Left pass another motion!!

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