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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Greek crisis

The modern Greek state needs to come to terms with a number of realities.

Need to restructure the entire political system and remove corrupt practices where these are.
Remove traditional practices of using public jobs as a way to reward supporters.
Reform the entire tax system ensuring that taxes are collected.
A huge cultural revolution needed to change attitude and the way citizens see the state.
Accept that if they want to be in the EU and the idiotic euro currency they have to play the game within existing rules.
Come to terms with the fact that at present the EU is a club which exists to support German economic expansion.. They may have lost the war but they won the economic battle.
The most important factor in all of this for me is the need for a cultural revolution! The whole temperament needs re shaping Greece needs it own Kemal Ataturk. And if the Greeks don't then they should try forming a union of Orthodox states with Serbian and Montenegro and trade with Russia and China. I don't think they want this so they should get on with it and come with terms with reality!

Nick Venedi

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