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Monday, 13 July 2015

Greece. Did we just witness a coup?

it was in April 1967 when the CIA decided that the newly elected Socialist government was not acceptable so they encouraged the colonels to stage a military take over. That was on the 21 April 1967. The dictatorship lasted until the juntas fall on 15 July 1974 when Turkish troops invaded Cyprus ( still there ) US policy was to actively support Israel so they could not afford a democratically elected government in Greece that wanted to stay neutral.

That was in 1967 so how comes that the EU now decides which government manages the affairs of Greece. We all herd the racist stereotypes coming out from Berlin and Finland. Some even think it's fine to make racist statements like the beware of Greeks slogan. I don't agree with the ultra left Syriza government in Greece but will defend their right to govern if they are elected and of course they were. Syriza politicians are ultra left wankers with little politics who live in a world of fantasy they would turn Greece into another Albania if they were left to their stupid policies but the Germans have no right to personalise the conflict that was created between Varoufakis Tsipras and the sausage eating German Finance minister and force Greece to the point of total humiliation. It is up to Greek voters to throw out the incompetent Syriza government and not the bloody Germans. What Berlin managed to do is no different to what the CIA did in 1967. History will condemn Merkel.

Nick Venedi

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