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Monday, 13 May 2013

Visit Greece

Just returned back from Greece and as Stephen Fry recently said the people there ( especially on the islands ) are getting on with their daily lives as they have done for many years and they look as happy and content as they have been. Things are a bit more difficult but as one old friend who lives in Crete pointed out to me there is still no morning commuter rash to deal with on the overground trains and not much congestion on the M25  no one seems to worry whether the central or district line will function every day ( he used to live in London ) He is of course being cynical but then I understood what he meant when I got up every morning and sat in the garden for coffee looking at the sun and the deep blue sky!

Visit Greece this summer. The 1400 islands are there to be explored by everyone, all unique and with different characters, you will then understand the magic that will capture your heart and soul..

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