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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Vote for Labour

Great thing about not being where I was is that I am no longer restricted by law from telling people which way to vote. I was in a politically restricted job and therefore could not express a direct opinion. But that is no longer the case. I also don't have to dilute my interest or support for the Labour party.
The election will now be held on Thursday 6th of May and the campaigning will start right from today. There is no question as to who people who believe in the provision of efficient public services should be voting for. Labour is the only party that can deliver an effective programme. It will also be a major mistake for small little groupings to be opposing Labour MP's in marginals and it is a stupid joke to stand candidates in constituencies like Vauxhall where the established MP Kate Hoye will of course be winning. Just remember the introduction of the Minimum Wage law.

Good luck to Labour!

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