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Friday, 2 April 2010

Old pictures

Computer centre strike in 1991...

Started this blog when I was Branch Secretary. The original intention was to post information re developments in employment law but I was distracted and moved on to other things and sometimes got involved with debates that were not constructive. I am now no longer in that position and will therefore be reducing the time I spend updating the blog but when I occasionally get on here I will NOT be publishing any anon comments like the one send last night from an anon ( who is known to some of us as TEHL meaning the Ego has landed) sad people like him have no courage to state who they are and are motivated by jealousy, no idea how someone like that can be involved with the TU movement. Anyway am sure he will be happy collecting stamps for the rest of his miserable life. In the mean time good luck to the rest of you!

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