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Monday, 15 June 2015

Promoting creative writers

It amazes me how many people I know who  are able to write creatively. More amazing though is that most of these people will never be encouraged to develop their skills and talents. That is a great loss to the arts in general.

Aspiring writers have to be put through many obstacles when trying to break through and it often looks like the 'system' is there to stop them. ITV and Channel 4, for example would only accept a script submission if it comes from an established agency or from a production company that they already work with! This is somewhat regressive in my opinion and they should at least hold annual competitions like the BBC does to allow those who have talent to show case what they have. The BBC for example, use the excellent 'Writers room' concept where a lot of info on how to have a go is given out with two or three windows of opportunity each year.

There is also the Screenwiting festival held at Regents Park in October but the £350 delegate fee means that this is a restricted opportunity?

And of course the best advice to give out is to follow what they say on the Easter islands, which is try and try and try again. It would help though if the 'controlling elite' remember what writing is about and remember that new talent should be encouraged and promoted not supressed!

Nick Venedi

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